Soil Carbon

Australia’s emerging carbon market is paving the way to broaden on-farm diversity as a new revenue stream.

Dryland Cropping

Reduce inputs. Maximise yield

Irrigated Cropping

Protect every megalitre.
Sustainable profit.

Pasture Systems

Healthier and higher production pastures.

Horticulture and Viticulture

Premium land value.
Maximise every inch.

Research and Innovation

Principal scientist Dr Kirsten Barlow.

Australia’s No.1 Precision Agriculture Provider

With a focus on soil health and applying spatial technology on farm, we work with farmers and their agronomists to optimise soil based farming operations.

We collect, curate and interpret soil data that leads to the provision of application solutions delivered directly into the cabin of farm machinery. Growers can achieve improved yields, reduced costs and better environmental outcomes.


Reduced lime costs by up to 60% whilst achieving a target pH rate leading to reduced costs and higher yields

Reduced phosphorus rates by up to 25% whilst maintaining production targets

Reductions in Nitrogen application by 50% whilst maintaining production targets


Soil sampling

Analysis in an accredited lab

Delivery of results in a clear format to the grower

The creation of digital maps

Delivery of prescription maps directly to the spreader/contractor for all types of variable rate controllers


Happy Clients

It’s an easy economic decision to make when you see those maps, and you see where you previously applied a flat rate that you didn’t need to apply anywhere near that amount.

Tim Rethus

Broadacre Farmer

It’s a product anyone can use. You don’t need to understand it, just plug it into the computer and drive.

Charlie Vallance

Broadacre Farmer

We’ve managed to get that (fertiliser budget) down to about $90k, just by improving or putting on more fertilizer where its needed and a lot less where it’s not needed


Horticulture Farmer

We do grid sampling using Precision Ag’s system, and it’ll tell us exactly what our soil needs….it also produces a grid map which allows us to vary our rates of lime applications and as well as nutrients


Horticulture Farmer


How Do You Get Started?

  • 1


    A Precision Agriculture specialist will come and visit you and your farm

  • 2


    We will develop a plan to address your concerns, working alongside you and your agronomist

  • 3


    We will review an end to end bespoke program to suit your business and budget

Soil Carbon

Australia’s agriculture industry is adopting carbon strategies to meet Australian and Global carbon targets.
Precision Agriculture can provide solutions to all key industry participants, from farmers to project managers to
corporates, to help achieve these goals.