10 years strong. Australia’s No.1 Precision Agriculture provider

At Precision Agriculture, we are all about powering agricultural performance through technology.

At its heart, that means improving our customers’ productivity and profitability through better, more informed management decisions. As a leading provider of precision agriculture services, Precision Agriculture’s whole focus is on data, insight and action.  We firmly believe that collecting the highest quality data is essential, but it only becomes truly valuable when combined with the experience and expertise to turn that data into actions and tools that match the client’s goals. Whether it’s on-farm, for industry or government we collect, measure and interpret data to find opportunities for technology to deliver savings and unlock potential. We provide practical assistance and support to apply our findings to the real world. We foster partnerships with leading suppliers in order to bring the latest in technology to our customers with products and services from around the globe. With offices around the country and a team dedicated to advancing excellence in agricultural production and land management, we have the knowledge, technology and skills to deliver leading precision agriculture services tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our People

Our people is what sets Precision Agriculture apart. The highly qualified, experienced team has a wealth of experience across all spheres of agriculture so they can transform data into valuable decision making tools tailored to each client. Diversity of experience gives us a depth of knowledge and capacity to understand the issues faced by many kinds of agribusiness. From small farming enterprises to the highest levels of industry, we deliver precision agriculture services suited to our customers’ individual needs.


The Board

  • Andrew Whitlock
  • Warwick Read
  • Mick Cattanach
  • Mike Chaseling
  • Murray de Jong

Andrew Whitlock, Co-Founder and Board Member

Andrew originally founded the business now known as Precision Agriculture. Passionate about sustainable agriculture, global food production and integration of precision agriculture technologies to deliver financial and environmental improvements to cropping systems. Andrew commenced his career at the DPI Victoria as a Precision Agronomist and still sits on the Precision Agriculture Research and Innovation Steering Committee.  Andrew owns and manages a property in Rokewood Victoria where he crops and runs a merino enterprise.

Warwick Read, Chairman

Warwick is a large Western Districts Victoria grower who owns and runs various properties around Stoneleigh Victoria.  Warwick was introduced to Precision Agriculture several years ago and has implemented many of PA’s services.  Warwick ensures PA’s products are designed for growers and solve today’s problems.


Mick Cattanach, Board Member

Mick has extensive agricultural experience having previously been Managing Director of Emerald Grain, General Manager Marketing for national co-operative group NETCO and has overseen the grain marketing and wool production activities for DR Johnston and ConAgra (Australia).

Mike Chaseling, Board Member

Mike is passionate about agriculture and has over 30 years’ experience in Australian and international agribusiness. He was a co-founder and Deputy Chairman of Emerald Grain (2004-14) and has held senior roles with ConAgra Trade Group (Trading Manager), agricultural co-operative group NETCO (CEO), and the Australian Wheat Board.



Murray de Jong, Board Member

Murray is currently at Burra Foods Australia as General Manger  Strategy and Planning and has previously held senior roles at Emerald Grain including a Company Secretary role. Murray is also a Director of Bellarine Foods and holds a MBA from Melbourne Business School.

The Executive

  • Todd Buck
  • Kirsten Barlow
  • Caroline Butterworth
  • Simon Dowell
  • Ben Fleay
  • Luke Wheeler

Todd Buck – CEO

Todd Buck is the CEO of Precision Agriculture. He has significant experience in the agriculture and technology sector, having worked in a variety of roles both in Australia and in Japan, China, Singapore and the US. Todd most recently worked in Singapore for Accenture providing digital solutions to  Agribusiness customers in SE Asia.  Todd holds Bachelor of Applied Science and Post Graduate Agribusiness degrees.

Dr. Kirsten Barlow – Principal Scientist

As Principal Scientist Kirsten oversees the Research & Innovation (R&I) divisions of Precision Agriculture providing well-rounded research capacity and capability for the Company’s applied science activities and research projects. Kirsten has previously held roles with the Department of natural Resources and Environment and DPI Victoria as a Research Scientist. Kirsten holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and a PhD in Environmental engineering.


Caroline Butterworth – Operations & OHS Manager

Caroline joined PA in 2019 and has worked in various roles and was recently promoted to Ops/OHS Manager.  She holds a Bachelor of Management from Federation University and oversees our field tech team across NSW, VIC, SA and Tasmania.

Simon Dowell – GIS and Data Manager

Simon leads a team of GIS professionals who manage the Soli platform and deliver the results to our grower customers. Simon has worked in the GIS for over 10 years and continues to develop PA’s platform to increase its functionality and useability. Simon joined PA in 2017 from Vicroads where he held a senior role in their GIS team. 




Ben Fleay – General Manager Sales

Ben oversees the national sales team for Precision Agriculture, who are responsible for the management of all farmer and agronomic relationships across Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania.  Ben previously held the role of General Manager – Research & Innovation, and has a diverse background in grain trading and agronomic businesses.  Ben holds a bachelor of Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne.


Luke Wheeler – Finance Manager

Luke is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) that joined Precision Agriculture to oversee the finance function in 2022. Luke brings 10+ years of finance experience in both the taxation and local government industries. Growing up on Farms around Donald in Western Victoria, Luke has always had a passion for agriculture. Luke holds a double degree in Commerce (Accounting) and Management (Organisational Leadership & Management) from Federation University.

Outside of work you will find Luke enjoying sports of all kinds and spending time with friends and family.

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