Precision Agriculture – Data Broker for Historical Soil Data Project

The Australian Government Historical Soil Data Capture Payment Program aims to:

  • Increase the amount of soil data available for all Australians to use
  • Support land managers to obtain soil information to increase productivity and profitability and monitor soil health, and access new market opportunities such as agriculture stewardship
  • Reduce the loss of high-quality historic soil data and make them accessible through a national soil database
  • The funding ($21 million) is part of the $214.9 million Australian Government investment in the National Soil Package and implementation of the National Soil Strategy which includes initiatives for enhancing soil carbon*

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Precision Agriculture has been approved as a data broker for the historical soil data capture program

The primary role of a data broker;

  • Communicate and engage with data owners
  • Identify privately owned datasets that meet the requirements
  • Determine the quality of the data owners’ soil data and estimate the work in transforming this data into the format required by the government
  • Obtain licensing rights with the Prescribed Deed to privately-owned soil data from data owners
  • Arrange contracts and invoices to facilitate the payment to the data owners
  • To pass on 100% of the payment to the landowner. Precision Agriculture is paid separately as a data broker

Why Precision Agriculture?

Precision Agriculture is a wholly Australian-owned company, specialising in soil, soil health, soil research, and soil data management. With 10 years in the soil business, we know soil. Using our extensive grid soil sampling techniques and equipment, we provide our customers with the most comprehensive nutrient maps available and platform diagnostic variable rate application maps. Understanding and identifying key constraints can increase yield by up to 40% and save up to 30% in ameliorate application costs.

Our experienced team of Scientists, GIS specialists, field service technicians, and sales managers, ensure the highest quality service and results from start to finish. If you are looking to really understand why you are not quite achieving the same level of success across every paddock or farm, then invest in your biggest asset – your soil, and make it work even harder for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is the government looking to obtain historical soil data?

Answer: The Historical Soil Data Capture Payments Program is part of the National Soil Strategy which aims to build knowledge for land managers to benchmark their soil against regional or type averages. There is a lot of privately held soil data captured for agricultural management and other purposes. This program aims to gather and preserve soil data and make it centrally and publicly available for others to use. Better soil data will lead to improved research, technology, and policy outcomes and will benefit all Australians.*

Question: What is the process?

Answer: As a nominated data broker (Precision Agriculture P/L), will provide the data owner with the details and an agreement between ourselves and the Data Owner. If the data owner qualifies, the government and Precision Agriculture will process the data and arrange payment on behalf of the data owner.

Question: What are the main rules to qualify?

Answer: To be eligible, all applicants must be based in Australia and be Australian citizens. Applicants will need to have full ownership of the intellectual property (IP) rights for the historical soil data. You need to be willing to share your historical sample results obtained prior to 01/01/2022 and have a minimum of 5 soil properties per sample.

Question: How much will I be entitled to receive?

Answer: Data owners can receive payment based on the number of soil properties (i.e. physical, chemical and biological soil characteristics) tested per sample as follows:

  • $50 – 5 soil properties
  • $100 – between 6 and 10 soil properties
  • $150 – between 11 and 15 soil properties
  • $200 – more than 16 soil properties

Each business or individual can receive up to $10,000 in total. If a business or individual has data valued at more than $10,000, the data broker will assist in prioritising what data sets the department is most interested in accessing.


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