Redbank Farming Case Study

Having reached a point where the farm operation was operating very well, Michael Nicols felt that he wanted to improve the performance of his operation to the fullest extent possible. Understanding that there was variability in yield and performance across different paddocks, he wanted to achieve uniformly high yields.

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Schreurs & Sons Case Study

Having grown their family owned vegetable business significantly in recent years, Schreurs & Sons was looking to further underpin the profitability and sustainability of the operation. They wanted to move away from broad based soil sampling, which was not able to guide a highly accurate application of inputs and instead apply variable rate techniques to improve yields and nutrient application.

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Aberfoyle Farms Case Study

Soil testing conducted on the farm near Lake Bolac in Victoria’s Western District showed low overall potassium levels with high variability, ranging from reasonable values on higher elevations, dropping significantly in lower lying areas. Potassium being a high value input, Neil and Charlie Vallance had to evaluate the profitability of the blanket rate application of MOP (N:0 P:0 K:50 S:0) previously used to address the issue.

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