Precision Agriculture has had its busiest summer season to date as the importance of understanding the variability of our soils and their constraints are more valuable than ever to help optimise your farm inputs.

Every year has its uncertainty, and this year is no different. With land values holding up in the face of rising interest rates, crop input costs still at high levels, ongoing product shortages, and volatility in commodity prices, maximising your on-farm productivity is as important as ever.  

Variable Rate Nitrogen

We continue to develop our range of products and services, which now includes our nitrogen management program. We are actively conducting soil surveys and sampling programs to generate baseline N levels and variable rate (VR) N/MAP maps for customers.

See page 8 in the brochure below, where in this example from 2022, there was a 22% saving in Urea applied relative to budget:

CARGILL SustainConnnect and Variable Rate Nitrogen

We are supporting Cargill Australia with their new and innovative SustainConnect program which is based around reduced farm emissions. Cargill will rewards growers who can demonstrate a 5% reduction in nitrogen use or reduced tillage relative to a previous baseline season. If approved, growers can be eligible for a $25/ha payment (25% upon baseline data entry, 75% payable of evidence of applied intervention).
Growers will be rewarded if they can demonstrate a reduction in total nitrogen fertiliser applied relative to their baseline canola year. PA can work with growers to develop a robust nitrogen management strategy, and if seasonal conditions allow, a VR-N program to help meet the programs guidelines. The initial payment from Cargill would offset most of the N sampling program for many growers.  Applications must be completed by end March 24.

See brochure below to understand more about VR-N:

Variable Rate Phosphorus

Phosphorus (P) is essential for plant growth and yield potential cannot be recovered if there is an early phosphorus soil deficiency. In cropping systems, P supply needs to be managed before or at sowing with most P taken-up in the first six to eight weeks, setting up yield potential by maximising tiller number and head size. To avoid these yield penalties, an intensive soil testing program is used to measure any soil P deficiencies.  Nutrient mapping and phosphorus replacement strategies are the best methods to allocate your MAP, DAP or SSP each season.

At PA we can test your paddocks and provide VR-P maps based on our findings.
See the brochure below to understand more about VR-P:

Grid Soil Sample this Autumn and Save

Due to the tightening supply of both lime and gypsum, many of our customers who have traditionally done their grid sampling in the summer are now switching to sampling in the autumn/winter months.  This allows them to receive their results in May/June and plan for the following season.  We are regularly told by these customers the benefits of sampling earlier and we encourage other customers to try this approach too.

Early results provide the ability to lock in early lime/fertiliser prices and inventory to guarantee supply.  It avoids the peak season rush for soil sampling and prescription files and means contractors can be locked in early. Finally, it is of course, inevitably cheaper as any new season price increases are avoided.

Carbon – Let us determine your carbon baseline and provide tools to lower your GHG emissions

In the GRDC’s most recent publication (see below link), they have again highlighted several proven management options to avoid GHG emissions or to sequester C in grain farming systems.

Precision Agriculture can not only independently measure your current carbon levels (baseline), but we can also can provide you with proven tools to reduce your carbon footprint – namely Variable Rate Lime and Variable Rate Nitrogen.

Our belief is that growers/farmers should start soil testing their farms to understand their current carbon levels. Building knowledge of carbon levels will be a key input for future planning. With accurate carbon sampling and testing, Precision Agriculture can then provide independent advice on the various options growers/farmers have in today’s carbon market.

See the attached link to understand more about carbon baselining including a recent customer’s experience:

Yield Mapping – The Ultimate measure of Crop Performance

Accurate yield mapping at harvest enables effective analysis and review of the season, including evaluation of any variable rate management strategies and on-farm trials.

Capturing good quality and reliable data can be challenging but is necessary to have confidence in your precision agriculture plan. We all have a lot to think about throughout harvest and at Precision Agriculture, we often hear how checking the data capture on farm machinery is easily forgotten – it’s just one more thing on a long list of jobs and there’s only so much you can do in a day.

Precision Agriculture can help you set up your equipment to capture accurate yield data – this can then be used for developing a VR-P strategy. Talk to us today if you’re interested to understand more.  

Hear from Other Growers on the PA Journey

At PA we have a lot of happy customers who have started their PA journey and have shared their experiences.

See this links below for all the testimonials and case studies.

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