Get your [N] right this season!

With the tight supply of nitrogen fertiliser and favourable soil moisture levels this autumn, deep nitrogen (N) soil testing to determine your starting point has never been more important.

The wet summer and autumn in many areas will have driven greater mineralisation of soil nitrogen, so potential nutrient requirements may be lower than usual, especially in regions with residual levels from last season.

By testing your soils now, you can take the guesswork out of your nitrogen fertiliser needs this season!

Why work with Precision Agriculture?

Precision Agriculture are soil sampling experts. We deliver a reliable and cost-effective service to optimise your fertiliser decision-making.

A rigorous approach to sampling is critical to getting meaningful results. Precision Agriculture has the experience and equipment to get it right, every time.

We follow best-practice methodology, and work with you and your agronomist.

Nitrogen is a highly mobile nutrient and can be taken up by plants throughout the entire rooting zone. Hence, soil sampling to depth gives the best idea of what is available to crops.

We use high accuracy GPS to ensure that samples are taken from the right place, and every sampling point is precisely recorded.

We sample the exact locations you define, or our experts can work with you or your agronomist to develop a strategic sampling plan, based on the best available evidence and technology.

We run a fleet of high capacity sampling units and work with an accredited soils lab.

We run a fleet of deep-core soil sampling units across Victoria, Southern NSW and South Australia – all manned by experienced field technicians.

Samples are all maintained at a low temperature and shipped express to ensure integrity of results.

All analysis is undertaken by an independent, ASPAC accredited laboratory, with a rapid turnaround of soil test results. Test results are provided in excel format with a more detailed report also available upon request.

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