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Dryland Cropping

Broadacre dryland cropping relies on maximising the efficiency of input application whilst maintaining yields. Whilst blanket application of inputs such fertiliser and lime have traditionally been the norm, this can lead to losses in the form of wasted application and under application where it is needed most.

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Irrigated Cropping

Irrigators understand the requirement to maximise the return for each megalitre of water applied and they are equally conscious of the need for sustainability.  Ever increasing resource scarcity and competing uses for water means that irrigators face the challenge to enhance their efficiency and minimise their impact on the environment.

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Pasture Systems

Livestock and especially dairy, production systems rely on high quality and nutrient rich pastures. Additionally, research indicates a high level of variability in soil characteristics within and between dairy paddocks. Limited data on soil fertility and uniform applications of fertiliser may not adequately match inputs to pasture requirements.

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The high value of land in the horticulture and viticulture sectors mean that every square inch needs to be utilised to its full potential.  The nutrient density of these crops also requires producers maximise the efficiency of their crop inputs.

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