Accurately measure your crop growth to define and quantify extent of yield constraints and develop variable rate management strategies.

Satellite imagery is one of the most valuable tools in precision agriculture today and as Australia’s leading supplier to the agriculture sector, we know how to use this information to help farmers implement targeted management applications.

These include variable rate nitrogen, variable rate fungicide and crop growth regulant, strategic hay production, weed mapping and definition of seasonal yield constraints such as waterlogging and pests.

Imagery is also a great tool to help identify management issues that may be easily fixed or avoided in the future – for example, uneven spreading or spray misses – and for monitoring on-farm trials such as nitrogen strips. Our Crop Surveillance Program includes whole-farm Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) map(s) taken at optimum timings for current season management applications. Booking is essential to ensure we capture imagery over your farm.