Optimise your machinery with autosteer.

Precision agriculture for many farmers starts with optimising machinery through autosteer. The combination of guidance and driving on hard, permanent wheel tracks has proven benefits:

  • improved paddock efficiencies;
  • reduced input costs (seed, sprays and fertiliser);
  • reduced diesel consumption by up to half;
  • greater accuracy in placing inputs;
  • improved water infiltration and storage;
  • improved timeliness of operations and a reduction in operator fatigue; and
  • improvements in soil health.

We are able to assist with the on farm adoption of these techniques.  Our services include:

  • Reformat of your display with accurate boundaries, farm names, paddock names and AB lines;
  • A datacard/USB stick ready to load your paddock data onto multiple machines;
  • Digital farm map with accurate boundaries and public roads;
  • Storage of application maps in the Precision Agriculture mapping system. For farmers with RTK GPS systems (2cm autosteer) these maps may be suitable for developing drainage designs and/or management zones.