Due diligence for agricultural land

In recent years agricultural investment has been on the rise among private investors, superannuation and sovereign wealth funds, however choosing which agricultural land to invest in can be complex.

Understanding  historical crop performance and variation in baseline soil properties across a farm can assist investment decisions in agricultural land.
This process offers spatial awareness of land capability and establishes a blueprint for asset utilisation (optimising profit from every hectare).

Our Land Investment Assessment includes:

  • Define soil properties (EM38 map) across the entire farm*;
  • Obtain past five years spring biomass map of the farm;
  • Divide farm into key soil/landscape classes;
  • Collect strategically located soil samples from each soil class; and
  • Consolidated report offering an overview of farm productivity and baseline soil condition and fertility levels.

* EM38 soil mapping is used as a reliable option for zoning paddocks according to soil type and potential yields. It is a fast and cost effective way of measuring soil moisture content, salt levels, and soil texture, i.e. clay content.

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