Livestock and especially dairy production systems rely on high quality and nutrient rich pastures. Additionally, research indicates a high level of variability in soil characteristics within and between dairy paddocks. Limited data on soil fertility and uniform applications of fertiliser may not adequately match inputs to pasture requirements.


Our team will develop a customised program to address your concerns within an agreed budget.  We deliver an end to end solution taking the headache out of sampling, testing, data generation and prescription files for you farm (VR) machinery and equipment.   

For some growers, it may be a target pH level for others it may be a financial budget for Lime.  These goals are agreed between yourself, your advisor (where relevant) and PA

Typically we start with around 25% of your property in the first year so you can understand the process and benefits of the PA approach.  After you see the benefit of the system, we can expand in subsequent years and for some attributes retest every 2-3 years to confirm the paddock variability is being reduced and your goals are being met. 


We provide an end to end solution that includes

  1. Generation of Digital Farm Maps
  2. Creation of Soil Management Plans
  3. Extensive science backed, paddock grid soil sampling 
  4. Certified (ASPAC) laboratory testing of all samples
  5. Spatial reports of the soil testing results 
  6. Insights from data generated
  7. Variable Rate (VR) solutions produced in consultation with your advisor . Lime, Phosphorus, Potash and Gypsum are the best selling nutrient solutions. We produce Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) solutions.
  8. Plug and Play prescription files provide for your farm (VR) machinery

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