At Precision Agriculture we know many corporations and multinationals corporations are looking to embark on a carbon journey. Given the complexity of Carbon Farming, we aim to make it simple for you and guide you through your carbon journey.  We work with project managers and other industry professionals to develop curated solutions that fit your company’s needs and goals.

Why Partner with Precision Agriculture?

We understand that corporate agriculture is dealing with twin pressures from shareholders and customers on carbon emissions and environmental social governance. We also know from our experience on many corporate farms that your land management is already at a very high standard.

Our goal is to supply the data collection and management that corporations, shareholders, and markets need. We can tailor a service from our full range of products that will suit your business best. As always, it will be independent, scientific, and valuable. We don’t use binding long-term contracts and operate on a fee-for-service basis. Our broad coverage across South East Australia and our partnerships in other areas mean we can cater to even the largest geographical spread.

Start your Carbon journey today!