If you are new to carbon farming and aren’t sure where to start, Precision Agriculture is here to help and walk you through the process.

What is Carbon Farming? 

Carbon farming involves the measurement of all farming operational emissions, then the sequestration (storage) in soils and trees. If your farm is carbon positive ie. the tons of carbon sequestered are higher than the tons emitted, then you may be able to sell the difference in a carbon market.

Generally, a farm will need to be larger than 200ha to achieve a return greater than the cost of measurement.

To participate in any carbon market, soil data is essential. The best time to conduct a carbon baseline is 5 years ago. The second-best time is right now. This is especially true if you are making practice changes on your farm and want to record the results over time. We will collect as much soil data as possible so you can gain insights into your land for immediate use for activities such as drainage, fencing, or tree planting.

Starting Your Carbon Journey With Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture will start you on your Carbon journey, by establishing a carbon baseline level. We independently sample and test your soils, with specialist equipment, and accredited soil laboratories, to provide Carbon levels across your property. 

Furthermore, we partner with accredited project managers across Australia who can work with you on strategies to improve Carbon levels, for the purpose of Government Funded programs, or simply to improve the health of your soils for better productivity.

Start your Carbon journey today!