If you are new to carbon farming and aren’t sure where to start, Precision Agriculture is here to help and walk you through the process.

What is Carbon Farming? 

Carbon Farming is the use of agricultural and land management techniques that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, storing/capturing carbon in vegetation and soils. Carbon farming can transform your farm from being a net carbon emitter to a carbon sink. 

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by storing carbon in soil or plants, known as sequestration projects. You can also partake in emission reduction or avoidance projects by reducing the emissions of carbon and harmful greenhouse gases from your practices on the farm.

Starting Your Carbon Journey With Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture will start you on your Carbon journey, by establishing a carbon baseline level. We independently sample and test your soils, with specialist equipment, and accredited soil laboratories, to provide Carbon levels across your property. 

Furthermore, we partner with accredited project managers across Australia who can work with you on strategies to improve Carbon levels, for the purpose of Government Funded programs, or simply to improve the health of your soils for better productivity.

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